Domain HTTPS


Increase customer trust and transmission security with domain HTTPS.

I can configure and secure your J3 Studio-hosted domain and hosting with an SSL certificate.


Domain HTTPS starts from £35.00/year for a basic certificate, which will enable HTTPS on your domain, and provide a padlock in a browser address bar.

Additional certificates are available, which will further increase trust

HTTPS and padlocks?

HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Secure)

HTTPS is becoming the preferred default protocol for websites, as it increases security between the hosting server and the visitor..

Search engines will prefer and prioritise websites using HTTPS, which increases your chance of being discovered in organic searches.

The padlock - "This website is secure"

Web browsers often display a padlock in the address bar when a website is secured and authenticated.

This padlock is a visual reassurance to a visitor that the information they send or receive hasn't been tampered with, or being intercepted.

Additional trust options

Higher levels of trust certificates are available, but will require more verification steps.

Higher trust levels are usually indicated by turning the padlock green, or the whole address bar green.

Generally, these higher levels are only needed where you deal with high sensitivity information, or where your business is at a high risk of being spoofed.

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