Website hosting


Host your website or web application on my powerful web server.

I offer competitive hosting plans for your website or web application.


Hosting is a flat-rate of £10.00 per month, or pay annually and save £20.00.

You'll receive SFTP access, no 50GB/month transfer and up to 500MB of disk storage. If this isn't enough, can tailor a plan to your needs, please get in touch.


Hosting environment information

I can accommodate "LAMP" applications.

I operate a very modern environment with Apache 2.4, PHP 7.1 and MariaDB 10.1 on CentOS 6, from a US-West web server.

Looking to the future

Next-generation hosting

I'm currently in the phase of testing a new hosting environment, which all of my customers will eventually be migrated to.

Runs from Amazon Web Services

The new environment runs from AWS with a large resource pool, CloudFront CDN and all-SSD storage.

Located in the UK

The environment is now located within the United Kingdom*.

Future proof

The nature of AWS hosting allows the environment to scale to any future needs, especially in terms of storage.

*Excludes email hosting, which is currently located in Ireland due to AWS service restrictions.

This new service is in prototype phase, and may be changed before its final form.

Want me to host your website?

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