Website redesign


I can take your existing content and evolve it into a fresh, modern design.

I can also migrate your content into a CMS, so you can keep your content fresh. I also recommend migrating over to my powerful infrastructure, so your customers can benefit from a faster, more responsive website.


I take pride in not being difficult to pay, and I'm transparent from the start.

You'll need to get in touch with me for a quote. Each project I take on is quoted on an hourly rate, and I'm super-flexible with payment plans to meet your needs.

Things I need to know before we start:

Your existing CMS

I specialise in advanced WordPress websites, and have limited experience with other popular CMS's.

At this time, I can migrate out from WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal websites.

The age of your content

Websites that have not been updated in over five years are best started from scratch.

If you have old content, effort would be better spent on a new website with updated content.

If you plan on keeping your hosting

If you want to keep your existing hosting, we'll need to figure out access arrangements.

I'll require a live snapshot of your website, access to a database server and your server filesystem in order to upgrade your website.

Want to hire me?

Please visit my contact page for all of the details.

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